ram stool

porcelain and pine; terra-cotta and cherry

version 2 with leaf-like legs

version 1 with dowel legs
ram stool is a simple, cheap, easy to produce and comfortable stool, bringing the beautiful forms that clay can achieve, and the amazing range of surfaces that ceramic glaze can offer to a simple piece of interior furniture.

The stool is designed to be produced using the RAM press, a cheap and easy-to-tool piece of equipment that presses the clay between two mold parts. With this tool, clay parts can be immediately de-molded, making it a quick and effective production tool used from small to large scale production.

The three-legged design makes the stool stable on any surface, and difficult to knock over.

The stool can be picked up with one hand using the opening in the center, making it very portable.
The ceramic form is designed to dry evenly without cracking or warping, can be easily glazed, takes up minimum space in the kiln, is simple and beautiful.